A. D. (Dave) McCuaig

Dave is a highly experienced career Human Resources executive.  He has extensive leadership recruiting and development experience, with leading global companies being the training ground:  ICI Paints, J&J, Unilever, North American Life, Bombardier, and LifeStyle Furnishings International.  Academically he has a Business Management degree and recognized HR Practitioner Certifications.

He has been trained and certified to use a number of leading-edge proprietary recruiting and development technologies.  These include Lominger, Development Dimensions International, Sorcher, Personnel Decisions International, The Center for Creative Leadership, and the Hay Group’s Emotional Intelligence.  His library has more than 1000 books on human resource recruiting and development, and many other supplemental resources including assessment tools.

Dave has been using competency-based behavioral interviews for more than 20 years.  Dave has recruited in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim.  He holds dual United States and Canadian citizenships, and focuses on leadership levels of companies operating in the North American marketplace.

In particular, organizations interested in improving business performance benefit from his experience with change management, and High Potential identification and development.


William (Bill) J. Frakes

Bill is an accomplished SVP HR executive with international corporate experience in world-class companies such as Unilever, Diversey/Lever, LifeStyle Furnishings, General Electric, and Vanguard Car (National/Alamo).  While his responsibilities have been international, he has also had the opportunity to live and work abroad giving him a well-rounded exposure to different cultures.

His responsibilities have encompassed all global HR functions with an emphasis on: change management, executive coaching, performance and talent management – selection, development, retention, and organization development; executive compensation; and New Manager Assimilation programs.

Bill has spearheaded initiatives that involved the integration and management of businesses involving the selection and evaluation of hundreds of executives and thousands of employees.  He has systematically reviewed executive teams in critical areas resulting in successful recruitment/ advancement of senior executives.  Bill developed integrated evaluation and development programs in conjunction with a global approach within businesses.  He initiated an international trailing spouse relocation program to reduce transferee angst and to provide faster workplace integration, and this was adopted in world-wide facilities.  He initiated and developed an incentive Total Rewards Strategy for a national organization that was then adopted for the global organization.

Overall, Bill has attracted and developed talent strategically, and forged synergy through effective relationships.  His drive for stakeholder success is balanced by seasoned judgment, leadership versatility, and business acumen.  His Bachelor of Science is supplemented with a law degree.


Dr. G. (Gary) L. Patrick

Gary possesses a wealth of highly specialized training and experience in the areas of psychological testing/assessing of executive talent, aptitudes, personality and interests in both individual and team management settings.

Having completed post-doctoral studies in organizational/industrial psychology and a Doctorate in School/Community Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Gary has 20 years of successful experience in working with corporate clients in the areas of executive and organizational assessment and development.  Gary is highly skilled at working with all levels of executive talent in areas such as:

  • Executive assessment for candidate selection, development/coaching and organizational planning
  • Improving group dynamics (team/staff) via assessment, team process coaching, professional development and consulting
  • Leadership development via assessment, one-on-one coaching and career counseling


Dr. Glenn Mehltretter

Glenn is the founder and president of PeopleFit®, an international consulting firm established in 1981 to aid clients in building more effective and efficient organizations and to help individuals enhance their personal career development.

He has 15 years experience in the field of engineering and management and 20 years as a management consultant. He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from the Dartmouth Amos Tuck School of Business, and an Ed.D. with a concentration in Training and Development from North Carolina State University.

One of the world’s experts in Requisite Organization, Dr. Mehltretter has spoken internationally on the theory and on the tools and processes he has developed to apply them within organizations to bring about transformation.  To date, Glenn has accumulated more than 5,000 data points in matching people to roles using an RO model.

He regularly provides training to other consultants in his cutting edge work concerning the assessment of cognitive capability associated with complexity of work.  This provides support for RO-based leadership selection and development, as well as overall talent pool management.

In 2003, Dr. Mehltretter created the PeopleFit Integrity Index, the world’s only benchmarking measure for an organization’s effectiveness in deploying its human resource talent.

Instructor – Philip Crosby – Quality Management

What People Say

“Strong assessment tools to facilitate improvement.” 

– President, COROB USA.

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