Research-based and experience-proven methods determine differentiating competencies that are required for above average contribution.
Better selection Faster Integration Improved Performance
Better selection

Faster Integration

Improved Performance

  • Identifying Criteria for Success: DDI®
  • Recruiting Architect: Lominger®
  • Benchmarks, SKILLSCOPE, Executive Dimensions, Prospector:
    Center for Creative Leadership®
  • Targeted Selection Interviewing: DDI®
  • The Group Evaluation: Sorcher®
  • Internet Recruiting Strategies I & II: AIRS®
  • Profiler (Exec & Mgt.), Sales Manager & Key Account Manager, Mid-Level Leader, :
    Personnel Decisions Inc.®
  • The Leadership Architect Suite: Lominger®
  • Emotional Competence Inventory: Hay/McBer:®
  • Complexity of Information Processing:
    Elliott Jacques and PeopleFit™




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