Precisely different: Performance through technology ©

Every new hire is a performance opportunity – to move your organization forward. LSP delivers exceptional human value through process and precision. Our unique evidence-based model begins with best-in-class analytical tools to decipher your organization’s particular needs. Our comprehensive methodology is based on world-class third-party technology developed over decades of research and experience. Candidates are advised upfront that our process is the most rigorous.

Talent & Performance

Our team of researchers has more than 2100 information sources for their information gathering.  We ensure that you get the best available talent, and that they are ideally suited to meet your high business performance expectations. LSP’s candidate profiles and behavioral examples of accomplishments will both save you time and provide a richer amount of relevant information for you and your team to consider.

Beyond The Resume

Beyond the resume, the candidate prepares a professional profile and written behavioral examples to provide you with rich information. We partner with a third-party expert in reference confirmation, and you receive an unedited copy of the report. They contact bosses, peers, and subordinates to get an accurate perspective of on-the-job performance. LSP conducts psychological fit assessments, and CIP assessments for ‘Requisite’ organizations. Our feedback and development capabilities include the best-practice thought leaders and technology available.

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